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luxury gulet yachts unique character essence of the Aegean legendary hospitality  

Gulet yachts for charter are ideal for couples, groups of friends or families of all ages for an exclusive holiday in Turkey. Each yacht features spacious private en suite cabins and luxurious dining and lounging areas on deck and below. Guests also have use of a range of water sports equipment and a friendly and experienced crew providing an excellent 24-hour service.


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Gulet cruise with Zephyria Yachting
It's unforgettable

A luxury gulet yacht charter can be anything and everything you want it to be. Above all it is a unique opportunity to dream up the most exceptional holiday imaginable…

From there, leave it to us to make the dream come true. Whatever you want to see, whatever your culinary tastes, whichever sports you want to try, the beaches, historical sites or particular anchorages you may want to visit, private gulet yacht charter provides it all.

Imagine a hotel with a ratio of one staff to every couple of guests; a restaurant serving menus chosen by you cooked to perfection from local and seasonal produce every day; a resort where you can have the company of your friends any time; a holiday tour that lets you decide where you go, at your own pace, and when to leave; or a floating villa with 24 hour service where you can relax completely undisturbed…  Welcome to the world of gulet cruise holidays with Zephyria Yachting.

needing seahabilitation?

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Holiday Designs

It's simple

Drift from bay to bay, stopping wherever you please, wake up whenever, swim, breakfast, sunbathe, swim, lunch, and enjoy some water-sports or relax with a book… After sunset dine al fresco on deck savouring a feast of traditional Turkish delicacies. Search the stars and be lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of the Aegean. And repeat…

m/s burc-u-zafer

6 Cabins | Up to 12 Guests

m/s burc-u zafer

Is a 6 Cabin Deluxe Transom Stern Gulet. It has 2 double, 2 twin, and 2 twin/double cabins providing flexible sleeping arrangements for up to 12 pax. All cabins are en suite and with A/C.
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m/s samarkand

4 Cabins | Up to 8 Guests

m/s samarkand

Is a 24 m Luxury Gulet for up to 8 pax. With full A/C it has 4 large staterooms, 2 double and 2 twins convertible to double, each with ensuite bathrooms.
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M/S Zephyria II

6 Cabins | Up to 12 Guests

M/S Zephyria II

Is a sophisticated 32m luxury gulet with 6 cabins for up to 12 pax. It has full A/C, two master suites, two double staterooms and two twin staterooms convertible to double upon request.
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Gulet charter really can be whatever you want it to be. Its the perfect opportunity to dream up the most outstanding holiday imaginable. Then leave it to the team at Zephyria to make the dream come true.

Whether your interests are ancient history or photography, water-sports or shopping, or if all you want to do is bask in the sun, sea and savour delicious cuisine while cruising from one astoundingly beautiful bay to another, Zephyria makes it all happen.  So you experience the definitive insiders’ Turkey from the best yachts and in the best secluded locations.

  • Zephyria Yachting is a leader in Gulet charter holidays. We take the time to understand exactly what you want from a charter holiday, and then carefully curate an unforgettable experience for you.

  • Gulet yacht charter holidays are for everyone, all ages, and all interests, families, friends and couples. Often we have 3 or even 4 generations on board for big family holidays, and it works like a dream.

  • Cuisine is one of the highlights of these vacations, and dining onboard a private charter yacht is no exception. In fact, food tastes even better al fresco on deck overlooking the dazzling Aegean waters or under the stars at night.
Journey with Zephyria Yachting
Unique opportunities

Giving you Blue Cruises in Turkey, the legendary luxury wooden yacht holiday.

Covid19 Safe Private Cruising Holiday

The safety of our guests is our top priority. So what are the benefits of a Private Gulet Charter with Zephyria Yachting?

  •  Private Gulet Charters offer a unique experience. Due to the space available on our gulets, you can practice safe social distancing with ease, added to that you are well away from any crowds. A gulet is like a private floating hotel, where you have the flexibility to explore the beautiful coast of Turkey without having to be with anyone apart from your own traveling party.

  • There is only a limited number of crew members on our gulets. For our guests’ safety we are constantly checking and recording the temperatures of our crew.

  •  The crew wear masks and gloves during all customer service activities.

  • In addition to our daily routine of thoroughly cleaning all the cabins, bathrooms and commonly used areas, disinfection processes are also implemented.

  • Due to Turkish regulations, after every charter the whole yacht is fully disinfected and sterilized by a legal & certified health company. Chemicals used during the disinfection process  are approved by the Ministry of Health and WHO Gulet Disinfection Process

  • Other Covid19 safety procedures that are in force by the Ministry of Health are applied throughout each charter cruise.
Years of Experience
With over 3 decades of experience Zephyria Yachting has being designing Blue Cruise Gulet charter holidays from Bodrum since the early 1980s.
Days of Sailing
The fantastic Mediterranean climate and long summer in Turkey lets us offer sailing holidays from the start of May to the end of October.
Blue Cruise Professionals
the zephyria difference

Zephyria Yachting is a family-run Gulet yacht charter company based in Bodrum, the heart of the Turkish Riviera and indeed the home of this much-loved tradition.

We manage all your holiday details so all you need to do is take some well-deserved time to unwind, spend quality time with your family and friends, soak up some sunshine, and reenergise.

With so many great looking luxury wooden boats now to pick from, we have taken the time to source the very best serviced and quality gulet yachts in the region making choosing nothing less than an easy pleasure.

Blue Cruise holidays have a truly broad appeal and are great for all ages, from babies to seniors. The entire family can holiday together without compromise. Everyone has their own private space, fun and comfort, as well as precious time together. 

guests stories
the zephyria team

with more than 45 years experience

Meet the people supporting the vision

Halil Furat Manger and Owner of Zephyria Yachting Bodrum
Halil Furat

Co-founder and co-owner of Zephyria alongside his brother Mehmet Ali, Halil is a keen sailor and boat builder while managing Zephyria’s charter operations.

Orhan Parmaksiz

Orhan coordinates Zephyria’s portfolio of gulets and manages the company’s PR and marketing 

Diana Timbrell

Diane is usually first contact for all Zephyria’s overseas guests. She fine-tunes all yacht charter details and arrangements before welcoming guests onboard.

Our Values


We adhere to our word

Our Why is to find solid customised solutions for families & friends to have a truly unforgettable yacht cruise holiday experience, creating memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Furthermore its a joy for us to share the natural wonders of the Aegean coastline, the outstanding Turkish cuisine, climate, history and legendary hospitality with our guests.

Our Mission is to consistently provide visitors to Turkey from all over the world with Blue Cruise Gulet holidays offering unbeatable service and a carefree luxury experience, while sharing and preserving the authenticity and unique charm of these traditional locally made wooden yachts in their stunning historical home waters.

Our Vision is to keep our portfolio exclusive, featuring the finest Gulet yachts on the market and excelling in service and hospitality, while continuing to strengthen and nurture our relationships with our guests, as well as with our yacht crews and boat owners. We want to stand out as the pioneering and consistently best luxury Gulet charter company in Turkey.

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